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Bodyguerra - Freddy...Nothing As It Seems

Bodyguerra - Freddy...Nothing As It Seems

Label : Dust On The Tracks Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : Bodyguerra. Hmm, sounds scary. Just as the lyrical concept of this 'Freddy ... Nothing As It Seems' album. This concept is all about Dr. Harold Fredrick “Freddy” Shipman, one of the most feared serial killers ever. There are some two hundred and fifty murders connected with him and so there is enough material at hand for a heavy doses of murder metal I would say.

But while I am listening to 'Freddy ... Nothing As It Seems' there is no filthy black metal, death metal or other form of extreme metal crawling out of my speakers. No, what I hear is melodic rock, hard rock or classic rock recorded by these Germans from Bodyguerra. The classic and acoustic ballad is at hand by the name of 'Coming Home'. A song like 'I Wanted All' is so clearly structured that it gives you immediately the feeling that you know this one already for a long time. Those of you who are into guitar solos will also find a couple of moments at a couple of the tracks on the album while 'Castle In The Dark' combines easy listening parts with atmosphere and firm pieces of music. If you listen from time to time to A.O.R. and other related genres you could check this one out. Bodyguerra did not put out a world class album here, but 'Freddy ... Nothing As It Seems' is surely not bad at all. The playing and singing is well done. The songs are not that hard to understand and the production is clear. Only the combination of this cruel killer and this melodic form of hard rock keeps me twisting and turning. But okay, we also know that a lot of children's fairytales in fact are horrifying as well, and we still pass them on to our children. So maybe I just need to get used to this?

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