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Evoke Thy Lords - Drunken Tales

Evoke Thy Lords - Drunken Tales

Label : Solitude Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : The album name 'Drunken Tales' by the Belarus formation Evoke Thy Lords evoked in me the expectation of a stoner band: the name, the album title and the artwork and title of the songs. Yet they surprise me by sounding more doom metal like, more like all bands in the seventies that had Black Sabbath roots. However, the flute is something that distinguishes them from all the above and others: Irina has a major role and lifts the band up to exotic heights by whistling in enchanting way. A song like 'Dirty Game' is more shoe gaze and laid back but that flute brings it up a notch. The influences are clearly psychedelic and rock from the seventies but that extra flute dimension is one we rarely hear in such a major role. Nice album!

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