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Deadcell - The Dark Side of Light

Deadcell - The Dark Side of Light

Label : Zero To Midnight Records | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Deadcell makes industrial metal like Ministry. More than that, Deadcell sounds like they took a bit of Al Jourgensen's snot, put it in a petri dish and grew a hundred percent clone of the original from it. Find the differences, that is what listening to 'The Dark Side of Light', the fifth album by this dedicated underground band from the Netherlands, is.

There is hardly anything wrong with 'The Dark Side of Light', its production is immaculate and makes sure the heavy industrial riffs and staccato drums (delivered with such razor sharp precision that it does not surprise they come from a box) are delivered with crystal clarity and the accuracy of an automatic rifle. From the mission statement 'Ode To Fuck' onwards it is clear where Marcus Bodine and company got their inspiration: besides Ministry comparisons with Rob Zombie, KMFDM and even Rammstein and Laibach are evident. Martial stomping industrial metal that would do well on the dance floor at a gothic party/ As the cd continues the perspective changes. The sound is no longer purely Ministry, militant and fierce, but more friendly and even danceable. The female vocals will undoubtably have contributed to this somewhat softer sound. The final tracks (not counting the two reprises that have been added by way of bonus) are again more like at the start of the album. More headbanging, although it must be said that the first five minutes of the album are the best.

Listening to 'The Dark Side of Light' it gets clear why Deadcell managed to escape my attention. This is not a bad band, but it denies itself the right to exist by sounding too much like a cheap carbon copy of Ministry, KMFDM, White Zombie and all these other industrial gothic metal giants. Amusing? Absolutely. Not to be missed? Absolutely not.

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