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Smohalla / Omega Centauri - Tellur / Epitome

Smohalla / Omega Centauri - Tellur / Epitome

Label : Duplicate Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Roel de Haan : Two avant-garde black metal bands joining forces through a split release called 'Tellur / Epitome'. The bands: Smohalla and Omega Centauri. First up is Smohalla from France. Stylistically similar to their latest full-length 'RĂ©silience', Smohalla delivers four songs of twisted melancholy, pulsating black metal and choral madness. Once again enthralling and amazing. Omega Centauri is definitely more of a traditionalist compared to Smohalla. Raw, often dissonant, but also complex in structure, the songs recall the days of dodheimsgard's 'Satanic Art' ep. Sometimes a bit unhinged, especially when they experiment with jazz rhythms and dizzying chords. Less expressive and accomplished as Smohalla part, but still interesting through its potential.

'Tellur / Epitome' is an interesting split and worthy of checking out by fans of avantgarde black metal. Depending on the career of both bands, this might be turn out to be a much sought after release in the future.

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