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Lick Library - Jam With Foo Fighters Vol 2

Lick Library - Jam With Foo Fighters Vol 2

Label : Roadrock | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Remco Post : Like promised last month, our guest writer Remco Post this month discusses the set of 'Jam with Foo Fighters Volume 2', that consists of two DVDs, plus one CD. Again we have Danny Gill as a teacher. On the road to the Frankfurt Musikmesse (see elsewhere in this issue) we were wondering how it must feel to be a drummer for Foo Fighters, knowing that your own singer makes you a schoolboy on the kit. Either way, this time around there's no less than seven songs dealt with, and they are:

These Days
Bridges Burning
White Limo
Long Road To Ruin

The first song we start with is 'White Limo'. This track contains only three chapters, which are verse, chorus and solo + outro. It starts off with playing right away, without further ado, so I figure it must be regular E tuning. They are fun riffs to start with power chords and a lot of loose notes that are played in between. The chorus is made of two different parts, which are explained separately. Both are power chords, but one has an extra lick in it. It also has a solo, which is very basic, but still it is a nice one Next up is 'Walk'. Again there are only three chapters for this song. It starts with a clean arpeggio plucking that is quite nice for the ear, but again you need little study to nail it. After this the distortion sets in and it is not much more than banging the power chords. Now is he turn for the song 'Rope'. The song starts with a delay pedal in the opening riff. So if you don't have one, there lies a challenge. And this song too has a lot of power chords, besides open chords and licks, so that makes this one of the most fun ones to play. 'These Days' even has only two chapters. There is not much challenge in it. Danny switched from van ESP guitar to a Gibson Les Paul. The intro is also the vocal riff and made with a clean plucking. Later on there are clean arpeggio pluckings too on the D and E chords for instance. The chorus is one with distortion and made from open chords.

We head on to the second DVD and that starts with the song 'Bridge Burning'. The first riff starts in op C and the rhythm hand is placed before bridge. That's quite odd, to put it that way. Further on it is standard power chords again, with also open chords and distortion. Not much to fear. The next track is 'Long Road To Ruin', one of the cooler songs in my eyes. Maybe that is also due to the fact that it is slightly more challenging. In the intro you find open chords and a whole bunch of loose notes in a row, which is quite hard to remember at first, which makes it stand out between the previous songs. The song also has different parts for guitar 1 and 2 all the time. So that's fun if you have a friend to play it with. Like said, with a lot of loose notes, which provides the necessary alteration. What is also a big challenge, once you get the song inside your head, is to get it out again. The last one is 'Breakout'. The intro consists of four power chords and a phase shifter is used with a very subtle distortion. So there's something to purchase again, if you don't have one yet. After that in the chorus it is just power chords and open chords, with a heavier distortion.

The final conclusion is that this DVD is aimed more at the starting guitarist, are just for the die-hard Foo Fighters fans. I personally think the best songs were on Volume 1 and therefore this DVD added little. It is fun music to listen to, especially in the car, but is simply is not a challenging band for a guitar player.

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