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Evile - Skull

Evile - Skull

Label : Earache | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

MoL : Evile's latest effort 'Five Serpent's Teeth' from September 2011 could count on good reviews from just about any leading magazine on the internet or on good, old paper. The question is whether Evile can live up to the high expectations with successor 'Skull'.

Listening to 'Skull' as a whole you can hear that Evile repeatedly adjusts down the pace and brings a heavier sound. In fact, there are death metal influences discernible on 'Skull'. Evile knows how to deal with it which is proven by the single which was especially released for Record Store Day. On the A-side there is 'Drowned' in the original version by Entombed and on the AA-side (!) is the cover by Evile. On 'Skull' these influences can be heard in songs like 'Head Of The Demon' and 'Words Of The Dead', of which the latter has a typical death metal riff. As we may expect from Evile these songs are of excellent quality. On 'Underworld' and 'Outsider' Evile stays closer to their roots with thrash as we are used to know from Evile. On 'Skull' Evile again delivers hard, fast, tight and filthy thrash metal. The riffs of guitarist Ol are very strong again. This applies both to the death metal riffs as the thrash metal riffs. Singer Matt screams it all together with his razor-sharp throat, which provides the songs with loads of energy. The drumming of Ben Carter and the bass of Joel Graham support this musical spectacle in a formidable manner. And so Evile lives up to the high expectations with 'Skull'. For thrash metal fans it is once again established that Evile is mandatory.

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