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Ankou Awaits - Wyllt

Ankou Awaits - Wyllt

Label : Black Plague Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Ankou Awaits is a band that understands that you have to grow with every subsequent release. Looking at their past releases the debut was extremely mediocre, the album that followed was a huge leap forward. And now we get album number three entitle 'Wyllt' and it is once again a step forward, even though the step isn't as big as the one between the debut and album number two.

'Wyllt' is instantly recognizable as a new Ankou Awaits album. But the first thing that catches the ear is that the tempo has gone down a notch again and, to be honest, that is a good thing. The songs have become more memorable due to the variation which is great now. Also the vocals have slightly changed, although I can't put my finger on what exactly the change is. But I am more pleased with it than before. 'Wyllt' has turned into a fine black metal album which captivates for the entire duration, which is also probably due to the more technical guitar playing. But, alas, the 'programmed' drums still annoy me to no end. Had they sounded more natural and not like they do now then 'Wyllt' would have scored above the 80 points mark.

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