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Hideweaver - Silver Bullet

Hideweaver - Silver Bullet

Label : EBM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : When something get released via EBM Records I usually expect old-school heavy and especially thrash metal. Without having read the band's biography first, Hideweaver's debut in the player expecting the same thing, to be proven wrong immediately with the opening/title track!

This Italian band has been around for over a decade and has self-released two demos and a mini-DVD. But it wasn't until February this year that the first official album was a fact. What the gentlemen deliver on 'Silver Bullet' can best be described as a combination of melodic power metal and AOR, with here and there a nod towards prog and sleazy hardrock. To get an idea of what you can expect, you should try to imagine what it will sound like if you would mix bands like Masterplan, Edguy, German Angel Dust (at the time of 'Border Of Reality'), Shakra and fellow Italians The Dogma and similar bands.

Initially the music is already quite catchy. There is however much going on in the songs and the music contains several layers, making it too chaotic, and therefore confusing at the same time. Solid, fast power metal riffs, quiet, melodic and melancholic passages, pumping rockers, sleazy groove moments, futuristic keyboards (which sometimes remind me a lot of Eloy), catchy choruses, hard to digest prog ... 'Silver Bullet' has it all. The album therefore requires several listens in order to fully reveal itself. With every listen, however, I get deeper into the world that Hideweaver has created and learn to appreciate it a lot more. It is also becomes more and more clear that the compositions are very strong in general, and may even have an addictive effect.

In Nando Dessena the band has a good singer in its ranks, whose voice reminds me of a combination of Tobias Sammet (Edguy), Sebastian Bach and Daniele Santori (The Dogma). Although the man has a limited voice and at times sounds a bit too monotonous, his voice fits well with the music. The instrumentalists know their tricks well and finally the production is strong and contemporary. All in all, 'Silver Bullet' is a debut to be proud of, and although not all songs are equally convincing, the band shows a lot of potential and this album will definitely appeal to the fans of melodic, modern power and progressive metal. You should definitely give it a chance.

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