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Wardruna - Runaljod II - Yggdrasil

Wardruna - Runaljod II - Yggdrasil

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : Four years after the impressive debut album Runaljod I - Gap Var Ginnunga Wardruna returns with a second album: 'Yggdrasil'. Everyone who knows what Wardruna is about wont't be disappointed, since I think this album is even more hypnotizing, dark, trance-inspiring (not in the dance-style way!) and consistent. Everyone who hasn't got the slightest idea what the hell Wardruna means: read our review for their first album, since the meaning of their music, the people behind this band and the various use of antique instruments (you won't hear any guitars or even traditional drums) hasn't changed that much. Only the music is even stronger. Some would find this band extemely boring, others will be transcended into parallel universes with this music. I am one of those latter guys. The atmospheric depth causes me goosebumps. Highlights are 'Rotlaust Tre Fell', 'Fehu', 'Solringen', and 'Helvegen', but the double doses 'IwaR' - 'IngwaR' must be the lost intense part of the album. Sheer brilliance! Hopefully we won't have to wait another four years for their third installment, which will be called 'Ragnarok'.

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