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Deville - Hydra

Deville - Hydra

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : Small Stone Records is the new harbor of the Swedish outfit Deville who released their debut 'Come Heavy Sleep' on the Buzzville Records label. I can remember that I was not very fond of the band at the time by that first attempt and also their second record 'Hail The Black Sky' was not something I would regularly play. This brings us to their third record 'Hydra' which is a huge step forward for the band because they actually are leaving that juggernauted footpath of overused stoner metal traffic and focus more on straight to the bone rock pop like we know from bands like The Foo Fighters. And this, dear friends, I like a lot better. No re-chewing of old re-chewed ideas but a fresh and crisp wind in that songwriting that will be a template for bands to come! Not only are the songs more grown up and do they possess tight arrangements and play, also the vocals are hugely improved to my liking. Just listen to 'Lava' and you understand my point. This betting on a single horse instead of on all of them is a big risk, but in this case it's payday! Great record!

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