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The Levitation Hex  - The Levitation Hex

The Levitation Hex - The Levitation Hex

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ype : It took me a long time to figure out what kind of music or band I could compare The Levitation Hex to. As a music lover, I think it is far from necessary to label music or put a stamp on it, but as reviewer of an e-zine it might be convenient to describe to the reader what kind of music an album actually contains. The website 'Metal Archives' provides help in some cases. Like in this one: The Levitation Hex turns out to be the new band of Adam Agius, better known as a singer / guitarist / keyboardist of Alchemist (defunct since 2010). Thanks Metal Archives, for the music of The Levitation Hex is indeed best compared to that of Alchemist.

Although I don't thoroughly know the discography of that band and The Levitation Hex is even newer to me, I can tell you that the experimental drift of Agius remains intact in this new incarnation. Long, drawn-out pieces of music, ranging from intense to relaxed, dominate this album. The vocals are hard to define, but have something in common with those of Mastodon. The very low-tuned guitars fit well with this voice. Only rarely, a "normal" rhythm guitarsound comes from the speakers. It makes me actually curious about the pedal collection of Agius. In terms of atmosphere, this album takes many different directions. There is no 'real' aggressive metal on, but the emotions are switching from dark to sweet and back again. Where in many cases it is possible to make an estimation of what albums you recommend to people, in the case The Levitation Hex it is indeed a matter of taste. Alchemist-fans, maybe?

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