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Nibiru - Caosgon

Nibiru - Caosgon

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Nibiru is an Italian trio making psychedelic sludge drone songs with lots of improvisation, minimal vocals and some overdubs of keyboards to go. Sounds familiar? Very familiar, very much like Ufomammut. 'Caosgon', the first self-released album of this party of three might as well be an early Ufomammut-release. Yet it would be to easy to call Nibiru a bunch of trend followers. Perhaps Nibiru has not yet reached the refinement and craftmanship that typifies Ufomammut, but 'Caosgon' has enough to offer that we can easily assume Nibiru can come a long way. Especially when we take into account this is only their debut.

This is a self-willed band, because not everyone will dare to start their album with an eighteen minutes long song. The peculiarly entitled 'Invokation I: the Acid Skull' is a wonderful introduction into the world of Nibiru. After a long intro, the first prolonged guitar chords introduce a very psychedelic jam in which the heavy base of drums and bass is noted. The drum lines, not really innovative but very effective, are put in front of the mix. The pulsating bass creates - together with the drums - a melodic, tribal layer on which the reverb and fuzz drenched guitar soloing is laid out. After eight minutes there is a pause. A normal band would start a new song, but in the case of Nibiru this is just the second part of the song. Heavily distorted shamanistic sounding vocals take over and the whole is a bit more modest. After fifteen (!) minutes the grooving is back to the previous level and it is time to round up. It could have been a bit shorter, a small minus because the first ten, eleven minutes are very good.
The continuation of this five song album is more of this recipe: psychedelic sludge varied with occult, ritual chanting. The third track 'Aster Argos' is not only the centre point, but also a musical peak. The distorted vocals are combined with savage experimental, almost atonal psychedelic post-metal to produce a cyclone of entwining riffs, feedback and pure noise.

'Invokation IV: Heru-Khentan-maati' follows this parth: heavily mutilated chants and distortion over tribal rhythms and thundering bass lines. Only the last track is slightly different because of the slower, almost solemn pace and the majestic sound. One might almost mistake it for a normal song. Almost.
All in all 'Caosgon' is a remarkable cd of a seldomly reached quality. It is no easy listening. On the contrary, it is music for connoisseurs who get excited by Ufomammut. This is as good as them. Should Ufomammut ever quit - which heaven forbid - we now know their successors are waiting to take over.

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