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Frail Grounds - The Fields Of Trauma

Frail Grounds - The Fields Of Trauma

Label : Triptych Recordings | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : The Norwegian Frail Grounds was founded late 2005 and their debut EP 'Corrosion' was released three year later. Really remarkable was the wide range of elements that was used on that EP. Guess what? You will come across that rich variegation on the new album 'The Fields Of Trauma' as well.

Opening track 'The Expedition' has a bombastic, heavy start, built on a mix of power metal and melodic death but then heads into a melancholic, acoustic moment, after which the final minutes mainly consists of progressive melodies. It is an image that more than once returns to the album, although it must be said that in general the emphasis is on the latter element. The album is filled with melodic guitar lines, but at times even heavier or groovy mid-tempo riffs, acoustic passages, melancholic piano and exciting, atmospheric keyboards are used. The tracks sound epic ('Triptych', 'Emberstorm') and hold a lot of atmosphere, variety and tempo changes ('Origin'). The vocals are mostly melodic, but inns, when they fit the theme of the album, a heavier growl (i.a. 'The Sinister Road', 'Emberstorm') as well. The diversity is huge and the songs are well composed. At moments real doggedness and strength is a little lacking, but by the many nuances it is not disturbing at all. The album is dedicated to the question of how far someone will go under certain circumstances to achieve a goal. It is not packed in high philosophical texts, but told in a story about an expedition deep into Siberia.

Variegated, melodic with many progressive elements ... fans of bands like Anubis Gate, Orden Ogan, Pathosray and to a slightly lesser extent Communic and Nevermore know what to do.

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