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Uhrijuhla - Uhrijuhla

Uhrijuhla - Uhrijuhla

Label : Svart Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : With such an impossible band name you know this band will never have the ambition for a World tour. And when you see they only sing in Finnish and even the credits in the booklet lack English, you know for sure: they have only their eyes for their homeland. That's a pity though.

The band from Turku only exists for a year, but despite their short existence and the cold climate, they achieved to produce an album that sounds extraordinarily warm and glowing. It has nothing to do with metal, and only slightly touches prog rock. It's proggy-pop, fairytale-ish, dreamy, psychedelic. Sometimes it has some Oriental influences, sometimes the music has a jazz flavour, but all the time it's mystique and enchanting.

The band has two vocalists, one male with a crystal clear voice, one female with an enigmatic timbre, and even the Finnish lyrics sounds alienating en estranged, it gives the atmosphere extra depth. The songs are beautifully arranged, with an eye for every detail. The music is like a joint venture between Porcupine Tree and Dead Can Dance. Sometimes a bit like Paatos maybe, but then without the girlish voice, but with a mature, sensual woman. That's better. A very interesting, dark romantic album for the late hours.

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