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The Fall Of Every Season  - Amends

The Fall Of Every Season - Amends

Label : Grau | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : There are solitary musicians who create magnificent, melancholic music in complete isolation: music that is a solace and relief to listen to in this hectic world. The Norwegian Marius Strand is such a soul. In 2007 he already surprised us with the excellent debut album 'From Below', now he is ready to launch four lengthy mammoth compositions (and one shorter instrumental) in the doom/death metal genre at the world. As you notice, the artist takes his time to come up with new work, but the music is minutely perfected, the sound is awesome and you never notice any flaws due to the fact that we are dealing with a one man project.

His vision on this project has been clear since the beginning: creating a mixture of heavy and mellow musical expression, based on the contrasts between melodic doom/death metal and fragile semi acoustic fragments. 'Amends' is once again a concept album, but we could not trace any further details about that lyrical concept. Thus we focus on the music. The album glides slowly into the room with 'Sole Passenger' (nearly twelve minutes long). Sonorous, calm sounds cautiously go in crescendo towards a juicy doom/death metal eruption. Marius' rough growls are delicious, but suddenly there are clean vocals. On this album they most of all remind me of Opeth, and that means loads of marvellous moments. Later on, classical piano adds a zest during introvert passages. One can put this gem in the musical spectrum of bands like Opeth, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia and Swallow The Sun. Especially the howling, emotive solos meandering through the lengthy compositions are captivating and beautiful, eternally contrasting with the doom-laden ponderous riffs. We cannot add much more on paper than that The Fall Of Every Season knows how to create an amazing blend of heaviness and slumbering gloominess in every song. An album I can recommend to every doom/death metal adept!

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