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Stonelake - Monolith

Stonelake - Monolith

Label : Massacre | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : At first it seems like the Swedes of Stone Lake are doing everything right on their seventh album 'Monolith'. Singer Peter Grundström has a good strong voice and the guitars of Jan Åkesson are bright and eager, supported by appropriate keyboards. But halfway through the album the realization creeps in that with many other current power prog metal bands increasingly is recognized; songwriting is really an art. You can create riffs, add drums and fat guidance and a strong singer... it's a formula but Stone Lake proves that the substance does not always offer the same result no matter how great the way it sounded at first glimpse. I'm trying to raise the bar somewhat higher in 2013, a good fat sound is in Sweden in the blood, 'Monolith' has that good direct sound so a band should impress me more with composition talents. Stone Lake is the first victim.

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