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Requiem - Within Darkened Disorder

Requiem - Within Darkened Disorder

Label : MDD Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Wilco : Great Dismember artwork smiles at me. This is a re-issue of Swiss Requiem's last album, 'Within Darkened Disorder' from 2010. The album has been remastered by Andy Classen and is now unleashed upon us from the Swiss mountains. Since I have not heard the original issue I will judge this album as a new one. Except from the artwork this has nothing to do with Dismember. This is fierce, brutal and fast death metal, like Grief Of Emerald. But also Naglfar comes to mind while listening to this album, especially the guitar harmonies sound quite like the Swedish masters. The music is fast and fierce, but is very varied, as well as in style as in speed. Blastbeats and slow Six Feet Under like passages fight for the listeners' attention. However, in my view the band is at her best in the fierce parts, like 'Purified In Flames'. That song really is a killer. All songs have more than enough striking memorable passages and hardly ever get boring. The vocals however need more variation and the vocal melodies sound too uniform after a while. Focus on this should tackle this issue. In de end it is clear that these guys are on the road for more than fourteen years, despite the renewed line up. Because of the incredible good sound I can only conclude that this is an asset to the pile of death metal albums. Not an essential, but a very, very nice and brutal one.

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