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Kausalgia  - Farewell

Kausalgia - Farewell

Label : Pest Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : Kausalgia can be seen as a continuation from the band Hypothermia. In this Finnish act we find members who are (or have been) active in Astral Sleep and Primary Target. In 2010 the band recorded a three-track demo and in 20102 they released the MCD 'Farewell'. China's Pest Productions was impressed and re-released this MCD. Kausalgia shows the best side of themselves. The atmospheric black metal is well structured; nice keyboard parts are mixed with more aggressive black metal passages. The production is great too and I think that fans of black metal with keyboards will dig this. The songs are varied and after hearing these four songs on 'Farewell' I can only say that we need to hear more from this band.

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