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Somnus Aeternus - On The Shores Of Oblivion

Somnus Aeternus - On The Shores Of Oblivion

Label : Solitude Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : We get already a hint of what is to come with the band name Somnus Aeternus: this is doom/death metal with any gothic influences and this time hailing from Czech Republic, more precisely the Moravian capital Brno where Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy once resided. However, this band was only founded in 2007 and comes up with its debut album 'On The Shores Of Oblivion' now. It is a proper bunch of doom/death metal, rather safely colouring between the lines of the genre, yet agreeable to listen to.

Half of the six musicians were recruited in 2011 and 2012, amongst them vocalist Insomnic, so it is safe to say that they could only recently give it a proper go with working on this debut. 'Withering Attachment' is the first encounter with melodic death/doom in which piano and graceful guitar leads are featured. Raucous grunts of Insomnic cleave through these instrumental patterns. Guitar skills of Juras and Wohma are very melodious, sometimes with a vintage sound to add more melancholic feel to the compositions. From time to time we also hear some strings (keyboard arrangements I guess), while whispering passages in 'Of The Bond' and 'Everything Is A Lie' add more mystery to the whole thing. There are solemn spoken fragments too. In 'Purgatorium' and 'Sinthesis' they are most prominent. The band knows its possibilities in the genre and worked it out in a fine manner, without flabbergasting result, yet okay. Since this is only a debut, we hope that they have more amazing doom/death metal for us in the near future.

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