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By Million Wires - Letters To The Absent

By Million Wires - Letters To The Absent

Label : 40 miles Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The first notes of the album 'Letters To The Absent' by Polish band By Million Wires make me curious. That guitar sounds really nice: subtle and transparent. In a very modest way we get to know the alternative pop music of the quintet. The band seems to have been engaged since 2007 and over the years they have been looking for the right combination of atmospheric melodies and sharp guitar riffs. Well, in creating a pleasant atmosphere they certainly succeeded on this debut.

It is all about atmosphere when it comes to the music of By Million Wires. Guitarists Mirek Skrok and David Mozdzierz provide amazing and beautiful guitar melodies. Just listen to 'Minutes' or the equally subtle 'Letters'. Not to mention the Mogwai-like structure of 'Red'. The band sounds a little more raw in 'Hurl', but because of the soft, fragile voice of Anna Ostafil it still sounds very melodic. In the opening track - the aforementioned 'Minutes' - Ostafil can be accused of a terrible and annoying accent, but she certainly improves further on. Surprisingly is the sound of 'Filizanki' that is sung in Polish, while the instrumental 'Ketonall' also impresses in its understated inventiveness (hello Mogwai). Especially in terms of instrumentation a nice release.

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