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Mother Of God - Anthropos

Mother Of God - Anthropos

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Bands that are inspired by the early seventies are so 2012. Grunge is the new retro. OK, grunge as a genre is of course mainly inspired by the seventies, but who cares. Mother Of God jumps the band wagon with their first full-length cd 'Anthropos', released on Small Stone, a label very much in touch with anything that is hip as long as it sounds old. Mother Of God is their latest Swedish addition to the catalogue. One that will prove easier to pronounce than the illustrious Skånska Mord (see our reviews here and here).

Mother Of God does a groovy type of grunge in Alice in Chains tradition with strong hints to classic (hard-)rock from the likes as Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. What gets noted are a strong preference for melody (so old-fashioned) and lots of variety. Roaring hard rock stompers such as 'To Live' - with screaming lead guitars, primordial cries like 'Listen to the howling beast' and blazing organs on the background - shout out "ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!” in capital letters. They go side by side with tranquil melancholic ballads and pure grunge in '230' or 'Windows'. As if Seattle actually was a suburb of Stockholm, this is how Mother Of God sounds at times, especially when they use their mother tongue. 'Graenslandet' proves Swedish has as much rock street credibility as English. It is not often that one hears a band that can do slow desolately sounding songs as well as more fast paced stuff. It is one of the merits of Mother Of God on a cd that can be called a fine debut. It certainly is not perfect. Towards the end the quality level drops a bit, but that still makes Mother Of God a promise for the future.

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