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Eternal Wisdom - Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire

Eternal Wisdom - Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Demo

Tormentor Erich : Johannes Tullner is man from Germany who is intensely interested in theology and other stuff like that. And to chare his ideas about this he has now released his second album 'Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire' by himself. On this album he has wrapped his lyrics which are part of the Orden Des Theosophisch Okkulten Weltbildes in firm, somewhat primitive (and this is not negatively mend) and fast black metal. The music on this album is completely played by Johannes himself, and therefore we have a real one man project here.

After a couple of listening session I found out that 'Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire' does tickle my interest, but it is also no outstanding genre classic album. Most of the time it is full speed ahead on this piece of work, and this is okay, but I also hear a couple of the same riffs repeating, and a bit more variation here couldn't hurt. The same goes for the drums. They sound powerful and steady, but also standard. The aggressive vocals from Johannes fit very well into the picture he is creating and the sporadic acoustic parts (as in 'Revelation Of A Dreaming God' and 'Cry For The Emptiness (part 2)') are well done, while the solos are very fast but also sometimes about too high sounding.

'Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire' has kept me pretty busy and it will be spinning its rounds in my CD player also after I have finished this review. If you can appreciate underground sounding black metal and if you now your way with bands like Graveland you can also try out this one.

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