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Gozu - The Fury Of A Patient Man

Gozu - The Fury Of A Patient Man

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : When this CD 'The Fury Of The Patient Man' by this surprising band Gozu kicks off with 'Bald Bull', you immediately recognize the fact that this will be a Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss filled CD. The great opening riffs tears open the song and quickly shows us that rolling drum and thunderous bass work. The clean and clear vocals are strong, stronger than I remember from their debut 'Locust Season' which was a pleasant ride o listen to. This 'The Fury Of The Patient Man' is the ultimate party soundtrack of a Hotrod meeting or a good old barbeque-fest. Again it is not a breakthrough album or an instant classic, but the fact that it's more varied by darker songs like 'Charles Bronson Pinchot' or the vibrant jam session of the twenty four minute long 'The Ceaseless Thunder Of Surf', it projectiles this band a huge distant forward!

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