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Alchemyst - Nekromanteion

Alchemyst - Nekromanteion

Label : Iron Bonehead Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: LP

Marcel H. : Last October already released on cd via Necroshine and since December on vinyl and cassette by Iron Bonehead this 'Nekromanteion' by Alchemyst. 'Nekromanteion' is such an album which makes my heart beat faster, Filthy, raw, vile death metal with a good portion of black thrown in. It sounds dismal and mean and evil. The atmosphere it evokes reminds me at times of Teitanblood. 'Nekromanteion' is the full-length debut by these Germans after having released two demos, a compilation and a split. It turned out to be a debut which is cracker from beginning till the end and of which I can't get enough.
Anyone who likes raw raging black death with the atmosphere of Teitanblood should certainly check it out.

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