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Soror Dolorosa  - No More Heroes

Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes

Label : Northern Silence Productions | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : 'Blind Scenes', the debut of Paris based Soror Dolorosa, came out two years ago. They instantly convinced me with their signature blend of gothic metal and cold wave. Bands such as The Cure, Comsat Angels and Sisters Of Mercy pop up as main influences. Of course The Stranglers also belong to the bands of that ilk, according to the title of their sophomore piece of work: 'No More Heroes'. The story goes that vocalist Andy Julia wore a badge of these new wavers of the eighties during recent photo shoots. Finding a title is sometimes easy…

In the meantime I have seen the band live during a tour with Les Discrets and Alcest. That was an engrossing evening in French style/company. Besides, Neige has lent them a helping hand in the past. They also did a European tour with Heirs and A Dead Forest Index, but had to face the departure of guitarist Emey around the same time. Emey had initially brought in many ideas for the new album, but in the studio drummer Franck Ligabue finally decided to play all the guitar parts. Now they have a new guitarist, Nicolas Mons, and are ready to strike again!

I do not have to mention any huge differences. The bass sound of founder Hervé Carles is still characteristic and determined for the music of Soror Dolorosa, together with the low, dark voice of Andy Julia and a spatial fluttering guitar sound in soloing. A slightly spacey atmosphere with momentum in rhythms reigns in 'Silversquare', graced with an ominous spoken fragment. The pace even slackens down in the emotional 'Sound & Death'. It reminds me a lot of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game', also due to these echoing guitars. It is one of my favourites. The step-by-step built up and performed 'Hologram' with menacing atmosphere is another stunner. Catchy gothic (or shall we call it new wave?) songs like 'The Figure Of The Night', 'A Dead Yesterday' and 'Exodus' (with frisky bass lines and distorted voice) all have that typical sound where fluttering solos (evocative of The Cure and U2) and tight bass lines join hands with the romantic, sometimes slightly decadent voice of the front man. It is fine to dream away on the 'seagull' sounds of the guitars during 'Wormhole'. The album creates a dark, melancholic atmosphere and never gets really fast. This is slow motion decadence! Naturally the surprise is not so big anymore than with 'Blind Scenes', but as fan of The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy and new wave of the eighties, it is refreshing to listen to this in between the daily amount of metallic harshness.

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