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Five Horse Johnson - The Taking Of Blackheart

Five Horse Johnson - The Taking Of Blackheart

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : My first acquaintance with this band dates from 2006 when they released their fifth studio album 'The Mystery Spot' and the blues and southern rock influenced stoner metal that was showcased on that album was kind of to my liking. It lasted no less than six years before this successor 'The Taking Of Blackheart' saw the light of day, but it has definitely been worth the wait. Style-wise things have not changed much, but in my opinion the song material on offer here is just stronger than on the predecessor. That already starts with opening track 'The Job' with its lovely groovy riff, while also songs like the bluesy 'Keep On Digging', 'Hanging Tree' and 'Mexico' clearly show the power of Five Horse Johnson. Both guitar players Brad Coffin and Phil Durr take care of the necessary (bluesy) riffs and determine, together with the rough voice of singer Eric Oblander, to a large extent the overall sound of Five Horse Johnson. The material on this 'The Taking Of Blackheart' on occasion reminds me somewhat of Clutch and Molly Hatchet and those are certainly not bad references. Therefore I hope that it won't last another six years before this talented band comes up with a new album again…

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