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Unreal Overflows - False Welfare

Unreal Overflows - False Welfare

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The Spanish Unreal Overflows is heading forward for quite a while already and the ones paying attention could instantly tell that their individual history outstretches that of the band quite extensively. This is only their second album, after forming in 2001. In 2006 they already released the album 'Architecture Of Incomprehension'. But it is not like they sat on their hands all the time. Particularly not in their personal development. They play progressive death metal, from the likes of Pestilence and Cynic, with topics to match that. So no songs about raping nuns and playing soldier. Unreal Overflow dares to pursue a bit more introspection.

In terms of music it indeed is a combination of frivolity and muscularity. But for a seasoned metal fan I must say that probably the only thing that sounds rough or vile are the vocals. The music is quite open and fresh, with of course the necessary alternations in pace and rhythms, like you may expect from a band carrying the label "progressiveā€. There's a huge discussion on YouTube about the vocals. One compares it directly with black metal, the other one scornfully comments that what Chuck Schuldiner (Death) did on 'Sound Of Perseverance' was no black metal either. With the usual attitude of course.

But from my perspective I am seriously tempted to say that those who compare it with black metal have a plausible angle, just by the sound of it. It is a pallid scream with a shriekish sound in it, rawer than what Chuck did, by any means. But the band stands on itself, so it is not suiting to be mentioning other bands all the time. But it is obvious to make the comparison. They found a good balance between power and refinement all together, but I personally think that their eagerness to get their qualities in the spotlight prevails over the feeling a bit too much. And I don't reproduce what they did, but still it is not truly mind-blowing, really. Within the genre there's a lot more fun stuff available. Still, all credits to these musicians.

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