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Evanescence - Fallen

Evanescence - Fallen

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Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : "Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it. You play the guitar on the MTV. That ain't workin' that's the way you do it. Money for nothin' and your chicks for free. Money for nothin' and chicks for free. I want my MTV!”

Do you remember that song the Dire Straits did with Sting? Almost twenty years after its release, this song's sarcasm holds as much ground as ever. I mean, every music lover with any self-respect can only watch that station with the sound turned off and trousers down to one's ankles whenever yet another parade of black, shaking female flesh dressed in nothing but in miniscule thongs display an R&B-version of Sodom and Gomorra that makes the (so-called raw yet censored to death) Tiroler sex pay-TV broadcasts look like a children's program. MTV show us different types of music, but definitely doesn't play music for the average music lover, let alone us metalheads. Nothing new here, of course. Yet, among all those silicone-sluts, commercials and infantile real-life soap-geezers we were able to spot a glance of the original principles of this station: good music!

They seemed to have come out of (almost) nowhere; Evanescence from Bill Clinton land: Little Rock. Just when I had settled down after that one good song on the 'Daredevil' soundtrack (archives) this band releases its first full length (11 tracks). The format of their sound is as logical as it is strong. Logical, since they cleverly mixed all popular alternative styles of music. Rough yet catchy post grunge-like nu-metal is linked with the more gothic appearance of singer Amy Lee. And everyone who has seen their MTV-hit "Bring Me To Life” (you know, the one with the useless furbishing about on the ledge of a flat) knows that this singer has quite a voice! There still is a hint of childishness in her voice, but that's not annoying (like it is with Avril Lavigne). Moreover, it is a surprising CD since it's not a collection of songs to accompany that one strong single. The songs are clever, independent due to the good hooks and melodies, and have been produced in both a powerful and clear way. Most of all, those songs contain Amy's beautiful voice. This girl, who only just turned 20, really is quite something. The different vocal lines that run through one another are interpreted in a beautiful way and give an extra dramatic edge to the songs. I compared her to Tori Amos in my review on the 'Daredevil'-soundtrack but she also reminds me of Sharon den Adel's younger sister at times (Within Temptation). Especially when she sings the ballad "Hello” accompanied by piano and violin, in the 'Our Farewell'-style. The band is furthermore backed up by a string orchestra from time to time and the so-called Millennium Choir that make it all a tad more 'gothic' (as in 'Whisper'). Too bad that Paul McCoy (from the band 12 Stones) only uses his Linkin Park singing style only on the aforementioned hit single. That was a golden combination.

The CD-cover, almost frightening steel blue eyes of a very pale Amy Lee make it seem like we have an alien on our hands.... Maybe we do. An almost extraterrestrial beautiful voice which makes me check MTV and other music stations, desperately looking for those "Blue eyes baby´s got blue eyes / Like a deep blue sea / On a blue blue day / Blue eyes / Baby´s got blue eyes / When the morning comes / I´ll be far away…”

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