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Norska - Norska

Norska - Norska

Label : Brutal Panda Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : Suddenly, with a mighty pounding sound, the debut CD of Portland's Norska falls on my door mat. Norska is a name that has been singing around in the scene for quite some time, actually 2004 to be exact, and has Yob member Aaron Rieseberg in it, but never came around to deliver that debut LP. Now the same titled disk has arrived and has been published by the brutal Brutal Panda Records after being recorded by Adam Bradley Pike (of Black Elk and Red Fang fame) in the Toadhouse Studios in Portland.

Norska gives us five heavy sludge doom tracks that easily surpass the forty minute border. Norska possesses the ability to write unearthly irritating parts of a track that remind me of a gnat on LSD in your bedroom on a hot summer night. Just listen to the opening riffs of 'Nobody One Knows'. It just forces that eerie feeling unto the listener and I have still no idea whether I enjoy that brutal aural rape or not. The creation of those irritating riffs is however very original and adds to the sludge doom thunder that it is built on. They chew you up like old moldy tobacco and spit it right in your face in a varied crushing sound. Those awkward sounding moments are by the way called psychedelic in the biography, Ah well… Great debut that fulfills every expectation and beyond! Onwards to world domination!

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