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Eisenhower - Enough

Eisenhower - Enough

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : This one is not as heavy as the name or the cover art may suggest, but it sure is pretty solid. When they are capable of presenting this live with the same precision and slightly more rawness, they deserve the status of an upcoming promising band. The music contains mainly riffs from the (early) seventies, presented with a catchy energetic drive, taking the listener back to the beginning of the nineties. This package is supported with multiple harmonic vocal lines, which can make the listener think of some kind of rock musical (my thoughts go towards 'Hair' at times). This band might be able to appeal to a broad audience. Both the musical arrangements as well as the vocals are very well organized, which can also become the main obstruction; an overkill of choirs and other decorations can get in the way of sparkling spontaneous music. This album can keep the attention of the listener when played as a whole, but a second turn might lead to some boredom. Please do not be tempted by the possibilities in a studio or commercial prospects too much; keep it honest and rockin'!

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