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Dr. Gore - Rotting Remnants

Dr. Gore - Rotting Remnants

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : Hardworking Italian pig farmers will be missing four of their piglet because they joined forces and started a gore grind pig scream filled band with the name Dr.Gore. The new attempt to be something in this crowded scene. The escape car drives really fast and so is the outlet of the exhaust: brutal hard and fast grindcore with songs that surprisingly last over two minutes each. And that is an accomplishment nowadays to take your time to be fast and furious! The simple arrangements are like a stack of ideas piled on of each other and the double bass sounds like an half an hour long shooting uzi rifle-fest. The hack and slash sounds that we get from The Walking Dead samples lift up the theme of the zombie attack, although zombies are so mid eighties, if you have that particular Death debut album. Ah well, zombification of our boring society is trendy nowadays and great to market your merchandise from. This 'Rotting Remnants' is great entertainment but nothing more really. The band is currently looking for a label so if you dig this filth, get in touch.

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