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Desire Before Death - Beyond The Threshold

Desire Before Death - Beyond The Threshold

Label : Coroner Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The Italians of Desire Before Death are walking the thin line between melodic death metal and metalcore. And they are doing so in a very nice way, that balancing act between the two styles. Just listen to 'Raised Walls', the third song on their debut album 'Beyond The Threshold'. Great riffs, slight keyboard, but with the breakdowns we know so well from metalcore. In Every Motion we also hear a lovely grunting voice next to the screamy raw voice of vocalist Massi. Furthermore 'The Deceit' and 'Burn In Me' are the best songs on an album that certainly is not innovative but just plain good. The ten short, to the point songs show a mature band that make a fine impression with their debut album. No fussing and fiddling on their instruments, just plain cool metal that burns the skin of your ears, just as we like it.

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