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Underwell - Plan Your Rebirth

Underwell - Plan Your Rebirth

Label : Wormholedeath Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël Zevenhuizen : Revolution against the leading rule sounds like a real punk-subject, and that fact was proven to be true yet again when post-hardcore punk band Underwell threw its 'Plan Your Rebirth' into production. Mankind should restructure the status quo, because the way in which things are arranged at the moment is a way that is unsustainable. New crises flood us by the day; something must change. A strong subject, but will the music be just as strong?

Differently from the enormous wave of metalcore albums that are currently released by the day, I see some innovations in 'Plan Your Rebirth'. For example, unlike the standard refrain-breakdown-refrain set-up, which by the way have started to make me sick, there are some tight solos to be found on the album. What strikes the ear too, unfortunately, is that I all too often cannot make any sense out of the track set-ups. There is a lack of consistency: musical elements just don't fall into place at times, something to be blamed on the defective musical writing. An example of a very strong song is 'The Deception'. Straight-forward, catchy, coherent set-up. Thought-through lyrics, yet those are on other songs on the album, too. I'm lucky to not have stopped and burned the cd when listening to 'A Shadow Of The Night', before the solo kicked in which is above average. But when the solo is the only part of the track one would crave, then the music has lost ones interest. Similar acts include Hellectrochains and Bid Zogo.

The singing lacks emotion; too monotonous. The playing lacks lust. It all sums up to the fact that the band does have the talent to create a classic of an album, but yet fails to do so, beside the solid songs of which I named one. Great inspiration for a great subject (and lyrics) is being subjected to uninspired play.

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