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Le Minus - Make My Day

Le Minus - Make My Day

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël Zevenhuizen : Give me a minute to catch my breath, recovering from what just jumped out of my speakers. Any of you who has put up the disk himself would come to the same conclusion: "jumping” is quite the right word for labeling the music that you just experienced. The alternative attitude that Le Minus tend to have makes room for some funk elements that remind me of the good old Red Hot Chili Peppers releases. And in spite of my aversion towards Limp Bizkit, that was also a name that popped up in my head while listening to my new record. The approach to music is very similar: metal with some hip-hop influences, although rap is something not frequently used on the album, whereas rap is the trademark concerning the Limp Bizkit approach to metal. And that lack of rap is something I do not even dare pity. More than just remarkable in the list of influences is my new addiction to Primus. Admittedly, the Primus songs will never even approach any genius composition like, for example, some of the Tool songs do (and the Primus songs not being genius is an understatement), but the bass lines of legend Les Claypool are unrivaled and known far and away. My favorite quote concerning Primus would be "nice and catchy”. And that is exactly the way I would describe this album, 'Make My Day', in the first place too. Catchy. It's a bit heavier than Primus and yet lighter than The Melvins' releases. For example, "Houdini”, one of my favorite Melvins releases, is noticeably heavier. No matter how catchy and "bassy” the album might be, the album does certainly have a strong melody to it. Credits for this melody go to the nu-metal approach that Mudvayne and Deftones apply to. Both of which belong to the list of bands I like.

So, summing up. "Make My Day” is describable as catchy and melodic. Oh, and be cautious! There is the possibility of suddenly being sucked up by some sort of hurricane, representing a groove: head banging danger ahead…

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