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Godlike - Malicious Mind

Godlike - Malicious Mind

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël Zevenhuizen : Yours truly should more often visit theme parks to ride some crazy rollercoasters. If he had done so, he would have something to compare the record that he has just listened to with, but alas. Right, the music is hardly comparable with any other music act out there. It's like an enormous mishmash of flavours that simultaneously stimulate the tongue and trigger a delicious taste that embraces it. Or, well, in this case, your ears get to taste the delicacy. A unique cd, that's for certain.

It's impossible to keep your head still when every track leads you smoothly through different grooves, like Lamb Of God has proven before. The grooves get yet another dimension when some melodic death metal to the example of Dark Tranquility is added. The styles add up to a band like DevilDriver, but we're not there yet. With every ingredient we add to the mixture we get closer and closer to that delicious mishmash I described before. Nonetheless, another component is missing: next to the death metal growling, there is also quite some rapping going on. The two singing styles alternate during every track. The rap influences are derived from the traditional nu metal wave, in which the groove is also indisputably present. Concerning the diversity of this mishmash I can be more than satisfied. Fresh like a new Disturbed record, the strong bite of a Lamb Of God release and the powerful taste of Dark Tranquility. All this added to an innovative way of interpreting and contemporary lyrics by Godlike, and voìla. This is a meal that won't fall out of taste any time soon.

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