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Klone - The Dreamer’s Hideaway

Klone - The Dreamer’s Hideaway

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : Some ten years or so the French outfit Klone has been going at it and with each release they have been harvesting more and more praise. The new album 'The Dreamer´s Hideaway' is a logical follow-up to its predecessor 'Black Days' (2010) and raises the bar again a bit higher. The pounding and grooving bass still defines the sound and the powerful, soulful grunge vocals by Yann Ligner are more prominent than ever before.

Apart from these typical aspects of Klone's sound, the band has progressed even more with respect to adding texture to their compositions. Hidden tension is created by clandestine guitar lines, mystical harmonies and subtle support from the saxophone. Carefully constructed walls of guitar are cascaded onto the baffled listener, who is virtually in a constant state of surprise thanks to the often unpredictable song structures. In some songs there may be even a little too much freedom in the composition, but luckily this small fault is more than made up for by a fantastic vocal line here, or an irresistible groove there.

On 'The Dreamer's Hideaway', Klone (completely in line with their moniker) have managed to reinvent themselves yet again. A fine performance by a fine band that consistently, with each album brings home the bacon.

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