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Devolved - Reprisal

Devolved - Reprisal

Label : Unique Leader | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : When you want your metal heavy and without compromises than Devolved is your ticket to heaven. I mean, just listen to the level of brutality and tightness of a band like Strapping Young Lad and early Fear Factory. On 'Reprisal' Devolved has the same tight approach and well cemented guitarwalls with apparently (but not really) programmed drums as the aforementioned bands. From the opener 'Systematic Avenger' to the closer 'Cadence (Of The Dirge)' (a cover of Exhorder that fits really well) this album is the sonic equivalent of a car crash. Luckily they know how to add just enough nuance to avoid suffocation on the listener's part but do not be afraid, they assault you from start to finish. The guitarwork needs a little attention because of the frequent effects in the solos and the drumwork is tighter than tight. If you miss Strapping Young Lad and the early Fear Factory than Devolved is an excellent idea.

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