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Chaos Echoes - A Tone Of Things To Come

Chaos Echoes - A Tone Of Things To Come

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : A band which in three days time plays five sets at the highly acclaimed Kill-Town Death Fest has to be a bit weird. During the Kill-Town Death Fest happening they were helped out Marcelo Aguirre of Evil Spirit which impressed me not too long ago at Dutch Doom Days. So very curious as I was I put the disc into the player. And, yes, weird the death metal by these Frenchmen is. Not that it's technical but avant-garde it certainly is. The band shifts from death to doom to black to slightly soundscape like stuff without ending up in post metal territory. Actually it all sounds more as a bleak heavy head trip soundtrack for a horror film. Absolutely not easy music. And you have to be in the mood for it to enjoy it. Totally interesting and very well done and well executed. Given the fact that 'Tone Of Things To Come' is their debut, just as the title implies, I am really curious about and looking forward to future material by Chaos Echoes.

Five sets in three days, well, those have had to be some huge improvisational vehicles. Walter, I have one more for you, a very good candidate for a future Roadburn.

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