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Forcentury - Revelant

Forcentury - Revelant

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Denmark has a reputation to keep up when it comes to quality metal, just think of bands like Illdisposed, Panzchrist, Mercenary, Cornerstone and Royal Hunt. This, also Danish, Forcentury can simply be added here. The band makes powerful power metal with many progressive elements. Singer Johnn Tunder is one of the strengths of the band with his warm powerful voice. Although I feel that he does not know what he can do with his voice making it somewhat doubtfully sometimes. But still, this man is an excellent singer.

The other members contribute as well. The massive guitars and powerful drums give this album lots of power. 'Seal Of The Sinner' gives the album a heavy and powerful start. The attention is immediately aroused and continues until the last note has passed. The album is full of beautiful melodies and vocal lines where many similar bands really will be jealous of. Like Orden Ogan does as well, this act does gives the songs and vocal lines a slightly different approach, this makes it even more interesting. On the keyboards and guitars the members produce their lovely solos to keep you awake. This is partly due to guitarist Jens-Christian Kijne from which I suspect he comes from the Netherlands. What surprises me most is the balance between beautiful melodic pieces and brute force with so and then even blast beats and an occasional grunt. It will be very hard to get bored by this album. And I'm normally not a fan of the obligatory ballads, but 'Safe Haven' is a real gem with great vocals. Other listening tips: 'Outcast', 'The Lust, The Desire and The Temp' and the fantastic 'Chaning Ways'.

Although this is certainly not innovative, this 'Revalant' is an absolute gem for people who like Kamelot, Royal Hunt, Cornerstone, Symphony X and Orden Ogan. This is a mandatory purchase for those who adore progressive power metal. Do not let this pass you by, this is a top metal album. A penalty however is given for the intro of 'The Shroud', that is a dead ringer for Iron Maidens 'intro on 'Alexander The Great'. But indeed, despite the penalty, still 90 points!

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