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Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld - Nightscapes

Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld - Nightscapes

Label : Reingold Records | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Keyboard wizard Lalle Larsson clearly knows what a good fusion project sounds like. His Weaveworld has its last entrance with 'Nightscapes', fittingly fitted with many nocturnal atmospheres. But not only that: this instrumental fusion album has many faces. Fusion for the open-minded listener, going from Zappa-like manoeuvres over jazz via metal to a great dose of Chopin/Satie-like piano music. When they go all-out fusion metal, a point of criticism might be what happens to ninety per cent of all fusion acts in these situations: the raw energy the musicians want to communicate is hindered by their technical perfectionism: the guitar leads sound as clean as the keyboard leads, everything is meticulously fitting together. While this is no plea against technical skill, on a song like 'Zero Hour' the primal feel from which such a metal composition could benefit is absent.

Still, this fusion album has superior compositions and splendid musicianship by all musicians involved in the project. Virtuoso bass by Jonas Reingold, dazzling guitar by Richard Hallebeek, heavy riffs by Stefan Rosqvist, and groovy drums courtesy of Walle Wahlgren. Lalle Larsson offers every open minded fusion lover a big piece of pie here, utilizing a broader stylistic scope than Planet X yet always sounding very modern.

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