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Three Hour Ceasefire - Cry Havoc

Three Hour Ceasefire - Cry Havoc

Label : Savour Your Scene Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : "There once was a man from Limerick...." and he played thrashing death metal in Three Hour Ceasefire. This Irish act has been around since 2008 and now Savour Your Scene Records gives them a chance to present themselves to an international audience. Musically, Three Hour Ceasefire is exactly the opposite of a ceasefire of whatever length: this is a battletank gone rampant. Bolt Thrower played at 45 rpm, with a dose of thrash and just a hint of core. The energetic vocals remind me of a hybrid of Barney and LG Petrov (Napalm Death and Entombed). Check out the 'chorus' of 'Trial Of Wounds': killer vocal lines! The entire EP in itself is one huge chunk of aggression, energy and anger anyway, which is very well translated into a huge drive and groove attack. The six tracks and seventeen minutes of music really fly by. Thankfully, that is why they have invented the 'repeat all' button! And do not believe me on my word, but go and check out this EP for yourself. And if you like it, get yourself a copy, directly from the band or their label. Its only the price of a pint!

A word for the young label that is releasing 'Cry Havoc': Savour Your Scene Records was founded in 2011 and as the name suggests, they focus on releases from their own (Irish) scene. A great initiative that has set giving 'local' talent a stage as its goal. Thumbs up and good luck!

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