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Reebosound - Juicy Black

Reebosound - Juicy Black

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : The signature of Sven Missulis ak.a. John Reebo, frontman of German indierock band Reebosound, is worth two Euros. At least, that is a logical conclusion from the pricing scheme for the Hanoverian band's new record. Downloading the digital version you can pay whatever you want - which may as well be nothing. Very Radiohead-like. The actual CD is yours for ten Euros and if you add another two, Reebo will scribble his signature on it, especially for you.

But what does that money buy? A remarkably fresh sounding record that combines the best of Britpop, indie, lo-fi and psychedelic pop in seven lively guitarrock songs that above all else remind of the good old Dunedin sound from the eighties. Almost forgotten heroes like The Clean, The Chills and The Verlaines seem to have found a place in Reebosound's subconsciousness. Especially the more quiet songs 'Juicy Black' and 'The Ocean' could have been on a Flying Nun sampler without any problem. But they are not, as this is new and recorded privately. Compared to the previous record 'This Is Reebosound', released by stonerrock label Elektrohasch, the English pronunciation has improved a lot and there is a more personal sound that includes besides the already mentioned poppy sound with jangle guitars plenty of sharp edges. Because within a song the atmosphere can change from folky pop, complete with acoustical guitars, to garage punk in true Hives style, although it never goes completely over the top. Plenty of variety on this 21 minutes long (or short) mini-album. It is a pity that is all we get to hear.

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