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Larman Clamor - Frogs

Larman Clamor - Frogs

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Menno : Larman Clamor is the brainchild of Alexander von Wieding. Big chance you have one of his works in your record-collection. Not so much because of the music, but because of his impressive artwork and sleeve-designs. Tankard, Monster Magnet, Razor, Nightstalker, Karma to Burn, Tank86 and Wo Fat make up only a small part of his clientele. As a musician, Alex is a loner. Since 2008 he has been steadily releasing his primitive, minimalistic garageblues under his pseudonym Larman Clamor. 'Frogs' is its third full length, this time on Small Stone Records. Von Wieding successfully sketches scenes of swampy southernness, but we have to conclude we've seen this done more spectacularly in the past (Bob Log III, Bjorn Berge, Seasick Steve, to name a few). This man sounds authentic enough to answer for it, though.

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