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Psygnosis - Anti-Sublime

Psygnosis - Anti-Sublime

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Demo

Richard G. : It appears they were almost out of bandnames again at Carrefour when these four Frenchies went there, so they had to settle for Psygnosis, an absolute stinker of a moniker. The guys pride themselves with the fact that they allowed themselves total freedom during the creation of 'Anti-Sublime', their self released full-length debut. Just a couple of listens are needed for concluding that this was not a good idea.

The biggest deal breaker is Yohan Oscar's clean vocals. They are unsteady and not all the time in tune and he simply ruins many of the compositions. This man should focus on the shouting and screaming and if the band does not come up with more interesting vocal melodies, then they don't have to bother recruiting a replacement for the clean vocals. Then there's the electronic element in the compositions which is of such a low quality that it should never have been added. Literally none of the sounds actually add to the atmosphere or tension in the songs. Other influences that pass by are postcore, melodic doom, French spoken word, classical piano and of course bits of death metal. From the seven attempts on 'Anti-Sublime' at creating an interesting composition, none is successful. The advice for next time is to cut and edit those compositions before going into the studio, because at the moment they are one big mess.

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