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Seeking Raven - Lonely Art

Seeking Raven - Lonely Art

Label : W.A.R. Productions | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : So every now and then a one man project checks in. It can be disappointing but also surprising at times, often fall in either one of these categories. Seeking Raven is the name of the project of our eastern neighbor Janos Krusenbaum and this multi musician / singer has put an impressive piece of work together. Overall style is prog rock and metal, but I also detect classical and folk influences. Krusenbaum recorded the album completely itself and there is, except for the drumcomputer, little left to be desired. The clinical drum sound is fortunately compensated by the passionate vocals and beautiful melodies. I think Krusenbaum will be charmed when I compare him with Devin Townsend who is a comparable musician. Fans of him may therefore certainly give Seeking Raven a try. There is a plan to form a real band to go with this album as a starting point, I wonder what will be left because of this work is a real solo project. Or was.

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