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Moonreich - Curse Them

Moonreich - Curse Them

Label : Mortis Humanae Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : Hey, they're not German? That's something I didn't expect with a name such as Moonreich. French they are. No, they don't hail from the Elzas, just from Paris. Enough small talk. Time for some music. And that is a pity, typically a case of, not good, but also not bad. But I can't imagine anyone, except for the band members, really looking forward to this mini-cd with high anticipation. Standard black with quite a bit of melody which at times has a punky bounce to it, In the one ear and out the other kind of material. Fun to have heard for once, but this will certainly not find its way back to my cd-player because there's way too much really good stuff to be listened to and 'Curse Them' can also not be used to make fun of, because it is nowhere that bad.

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