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Lizzard - Out Of Reach

Lizzard - Out Of Reach

Label : Klonosphere | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël : I am still amazed by the fantastic record I received recently. The French rockers of Lizzard show us how music is done on their debut 'Out Of Reach'. A tremendous combination of alternative metal in the style of Tool and A Perfect Circle, but also that of modern heavy metal as it is played by Baroness. On the title-track 'Out Of Reach' a sad note is struck by the three band members, which obviously is accompanied by some real steel in the way Volbeat does, but another good example is found in Klone. Sounds that we frequently hear from the new wave of heavy metal going on at the moment are also heard on the song 'Fakeworld', which reminds of the new Baroness release 'Yellow And Green'. A Lizzard review wouldn't be complete without mentioning Maynard James Keenan. The vocals of Lizzard singer Ricou are consistent with that of Keenan, and in the same way Lizzard is musically very consistent with Keenan's projects. Tracks like 'Loose Ends' and 'Tear Down The Sky' are congruent with an all-time classic such as A Perfect Circle's 'The Outsider'. I even dare comparing 'Twisted Machine' and 'The Orbiter' with the odd Tool-sound, Tool being Keenan's main-project that unfortunately has been laid aside since their last release in 2006. When will one finally take Keenan by the ear and drag him from his vineyard back into his studio?!

The lovely variety of sounds on the album, being influenced by a large number of great artists and containing the fruits of the band's talent to stay fresh, make this CD to be more than amazing. The rockers do not know when to stop. They even managed to get in some interesting atmospheric interludes, which make the album to be even more alternating. Not unlike Tool the band masters a polyrhythmic style of music that might very well appeal to those alternative metal fans that appreciate some complexity in their music.

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