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Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : 'The Parallax II - Future Sequence' is the sequel to 'The Parallax - Hypersleep Dialogues' EP from 2011. It is also Between The Buried And Me's full-length debut for Metal Blade Records. Of course the band themselves are calling the album their best musical achievement ever and they stress the fact that they have done some sonic experimentations that they have never done before. But for the average listener it will be very difficult to notice the differences between 'Colors' (2007), 'The Great Misdirect' (2009) or this new record. The band operates for so many years on such a high level that progress is only easily spotted by themselves or other music freaks.

This new 75 minute epic is accompanied by an unintelligible storyline and all signs point to the fact that the record should be enjoyed as 'one long song' that has been cut into twelve pieces. There are six core compositions that clock between five and fifteen minutes and there are equally many short interludiums that give you a chance to process all the musical information in which you have just been drenched. In those six core compositions the band traditionally goes all out and no holds barred. Furious thrash parts seamlessly transgress into melodic symphonies, semi-acoustic meanderings or hypertechnical hardcore. With every listen you will hear new elements, which is only logical, because only a BTBAM band member is physically capable of remember the full ten minutes in a ten-minute BTBAM composition.

Of course you will recognize a couple of extra special flavorings even when you do not have a college degree in music. There is the added trumpet, an actual xylophone and flute solo and an incredibly funny pirate metal chorus. At the end of this musical rollercoaster, the unreal conclusion is that in spite of all its progressiveness and incredible musicianship, BTBAM has not actually audibly progressed all that much in all these years. 'The Parallax II' is simply another amazing BTBAM album. Sometimes it's touching, usually it is incomprehensible, but at all times it is a very creative and satisfying experience.

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