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Asidefromaday - Chasing Shadows

Asidefromaday - Chasing Shadows

Label : Division Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : Seldom was the title of an album so aptly chosen as by Asidefromaday. When I got acquainted with this French band in 2009, I already noticed the small difference between them and some of the greats in the post metal genre. In their new album 'Chasing Shadows' these difference have diminished even further.

When it comes to the loud/soft dynamic, the majestic build-up towards amazing climaxes and the tasteful use of atmospherics, Cult Of Luna have implemented this all to the point of perfection. And no matter how hard Asidefromaday try to attain the same level, they do not (for 2 albums already) manage to step out of the shadow of their masters and they fail to make some kind of impact on their own account. Despite the fact that the material on 'Chasing Shadows' in itself is absolutely not horrible, the main realization remains that others have done exactly the same before them and moreover, they did it much better. Fans of the genre might find some pleasure if they were to purchase this record. But if you hold originality dear, then you don't even have to try.

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