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Angantyr - Forvist

Angantyr - Forvist

Label : Northern Silence Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Black metal doesn't always have to be original to sound good is proven by Denmark's very own Angantyr. Right from the very first notes of opener 'Lanket' you know what you can expect, pagan-like black metal which at times is reminiscent of more melodic Arckanum. Really an album where the melodies grab you and make sway to and fro in a grim, necro and frostbitten way with a smile from ear to ear on your face. Actually the entire album goes along the 'Lanket' lines, also when it comes to tempo, and that is a shame because halfway through it tends to get a little boring even though everything is delivered well. I am not overly familiar with Angantyr's earlier works, but what I have heard of that, this is along the same lines. So, fans know what to expect, a decent nice and easy on the ears album. And to non-fans I want to say: Give 'Forvist' a listen, who knows it might make you as happy as it did this, usually, grumpy old man.

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